How it works

Getting high quality BIM models shouldn't be a pain. We help you achieve high quality information through 3 easy steps.


Define your requirements

Set up what information is needed from your models. You can also define the desired structure and format your data should be delivered in.


Upload your models

Simply drag & drop your models to the interface and get back a score telling you how compliant with the requirements you are.


Evaluate & correct

Get instant feedback on what to improve; or simply have it highlighted directly in your favorite authoring software by using the generated BCF.

Get high quality models like you ordered them

Our tool helps you define your model requirements in an easy, fast, and deterministic manner. You can also set standards and reuse them for all your projects.


Stop wasting your time

Say goodbye to manual model checking, sending emails, and going through endless Excel files. Once you defined your requirements, knowing what is wrong with your model is as easy as drag & drop.

Become a beta tester

The first version of our Qualifier will be released in November 2020. Become one of the first testers.

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